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10 Expresiones para hablar de problemas

¿Te topas con un obstáculo (hit a rock) con las expresiones y frases hechas en inglés? ¿Crees que te hablan de música cuando oyes a alguien decir la expresión "to be in dire straits"? Entonces necesitas echar un vistazo (take a look) a las siguientes expresiones:

1. To go through a rough patch: estar pasando una mala racha.

- He lost his job recently so he's going through a rough patch.

2. To hit an obstacle/a rock: toparse con un obstáculo/una roca. Otra expresión sería to run into a problem.

- We tried to finish the project on time but we ran into a problem that we could not sort it out yet.

3. To be in dire straits: sí, como la conocida banda. Esta expresión se utiliza para indicar que la situación en la que nos encontramos es bastante crítica o desesperada.

- Their relationship is in dire straits. They are visiting a marriage counsellor to solve their problems.

4. To come unstuck: fracasar.

- Why did they close the company?

- They had economic problems and came unstuck.

5. To suffer a setback: sufrir un revés.

- This is not the first time I suffered a setback in my life. I will recover from this situation and pull through one more time.

6. Life's not a bowl of cherries: la vida no siempre es de color rosa.

- Don't expect I will always be there to fix your mistakes; you're an adult already and life's not a bowl of cherries.

7. It never rains but it pours: las desgracias nunca vienen solas.

- My alarm didn't ring so I overslept; then I was on my way when my car broke down. And I haven't got any money because I had left the house so quickly that I had forgotten my wallet at home.

- Well, you know that it never rains but it pours.

8. To be in a (right) stew: estar metido en un lío.

- If she arrives late again she'll be in a right stew. Her boss gave her an ultimatum last week.

9. Shit happens: expresión vulgar para decir "son cosas que pasan" o "así es la vida".

- I did a terrible exam today. I don't think I will pass it.

- Ah, shit happens.

Una escena de la película Forrest Gump, con Tom Hanks.

Y para expresiones vulgares, la siguiente:

10. What a cock-up!: ¡menuda cagada!

- ... And when I introduced my girlfriend to my parents I called her by my exgirlfriend's name.

- Oh, man! What a cock-up!


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